Isolated controllers are our specialty

3-phase motor controller is an isolated controller for mid to high power motors, running in a 3-phase configuration.
Control port (digital I/Os) is electrically isolated to increase safety and noise resilience.

This is an add-on board for existing systems, which adds more control signals for higher voltage/current peripherals.
As with our many other controllers, the I/O port is electrically isolated for improved noise immunity.

We built this custom module to add 8 additional control signals to a serial interface. The serial interface is electrically isolated with an optocoupler.
Featuring a very simple interface, this module can be installed in a wide range of industrial automation controllers.

Using a reading from an analog or a digital temperature sensor, this module transmits the result over RS485 interface. This is another one of the custom modules we built for a customer.
The RS485 interface is electrically isolated to better noise immunity and safety purposes.

Airflow sensor/controller is smart module that senses the velocity of the airflow (using an external sensor) and adjusts it to the preset value. If the adjustment isn’t possible, it sends an alarm signal to the main controller.
Control/communication interface is electrically isolated, providing an outstanding noise immunity and increased safety.